Sep 18: Lebanese Sampler; Pizza


After walking around Geneva for a couple of hours we were ready for some food. There seems to be every option available so we chose Lebanese food at Les Saveurs du Liban, near our hotel.

The first choice of a tartar required advance notice so we both opted for the sample platter, which had a great variety of excellent food.

Geneva is not cheap and a simple lunch and sparkling water cost $67.99 Swiss Francs or $69.34, split between us that’s $34.67 per serve.

Lunch is today’s featured image.


After another walk in the other direction we settled on an Italian restaurant near the hotel, and wanted to share a pizza. However, this strange proprietor refuses to allow people to share only one dish, requiring a dish to be purchased for every person at the table. A very good reason to never return.

Our waiter was delightful, however, and suggested a simple salad as the choice for the second person, so we continued and had a reasonably good seafood pizza and the ‘essential’ salad.

This was also the first time we came across 500ml bottles of wine and we shared an excellent local (Geneva) wine.

The pizza and salad were 26 Swiss Francs or $13.26 each, excluding the wine.

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