Sep 19: Scrambled Eggs and Sausage; Rice Bowls


Breaking with tradition, the Foodies had breakfast at the Kipling Hotel in Geneva before a day of travel. Scrambled Egg and Sausage, with some English style baked beans, it was a filling start to the day.

Because breakfast is included in the room rate, it has no separate value.


We had lunch between flights at Amsterdam Schippol Airport at Leon. Foodie Philip had Moroccan style meatballs, while Foodie Greg had a Chicken and Chorizo dish. Both served over brown rice with a side salad of cabbage, kale, mint and fresh peas. They were, effectively rice bowls.

Lunch was $9.52 each.

Because we were serve a sandwich on the KLM flight from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, we didn’t feel any need for dinner. Although, after an exploratory walk around the new neighborhood, we did go have some Danish cocktails at Strøm – a nearby bar.

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