Sep 21: Chicken Coconut Curry; Steak and Fries


At lunch we were meeting with a customer and recording a Lunch with Philip and Greg as well and they chose a small cafe that catered their company events. We both chose a Chicken Coconut Curry that was prepared fresh and was very good.

Our customer/guests insisted on paying so it was free.


After the blow out of last night we chose something simple: steak and fries (steak fritte) with Béarnaise sauce at Bøf & Ost just around the corner from where we’re staying in the heart of Copenhagen city.

The steak was tender while the béarnaise was a little heavy on the tarragon. Foodie Philip is a little sensitive to the aniseed/licorice flavors but, while this was a tad more than would have been perfect, it was still a very nice sauce.

The steak fries were perfect. Soft inside and a crisp exterior, salted while still freshly out of the oil.

The steak and fries cost about $29.25 per serve.


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