Sep 22: STV Craft Services; Copenhagen Street Food


Another consulting meeting with a client who invited us to lunch in their staff ‘cafeteria’ – a meeting room with catered lunch. The wide variety of food – from meatloaf to ceviche fish – is part of their normal lunch routine supplied by the company.

We enjoyed meatloaf, a beef stew, some ceviche fish (probably herring), various salads, and more. All were very tasty and of restaurant quality, no doubt because the caterer takes special effort to ensure a good variety of high quality food to keep such a regular customer happy.

Our lunch  was covered by STV.


Tonight we decided on something simple, so we walked over to Copenhagen Street Food, which is in a huge warehouse with about 40 food and drink vendors. There seemed to be every type of food except traditional Danish so we settled on a French focused fried chicken, with fries cooked in duck fat!

The warehouse on the river front houses abut 40 food and drink vendors.
The warehouse on the river front houses abut 40 food and drink vendors.

The chicken was crispy, but perhaps just a little over cooked. The fries were perfectly cooked: crisp on the outside and fluffy in the center and the duck fat did add to the flavor. There was a battered and fried red onion which was better than most onion rings we’ve had.

Dinner tonight cost 100K each or about $13.00.

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