Sep 24: English Breakfast; Airline Food; Burrito


Up at 3am to catch a 6am flight out of Copenhagen back to Amsterdam, we had breakfast in Schippol airport: a ‘traditional English breakfast.’ That it was adequate was about the best you can say.

Today’s overpriced, average quality airport food cost $12.87 per serve with coffee.


A double lunch on the 10 hour flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles included a decent coconut curried beef with rice and some other food best forgotten. The cost of the meal was included in the air fare so there was no direct cost.


Back home and not feeling like cooking after a 23 hour day (up until dinner time) so we headed down to Chatsworth for a burrito from Carnitas Michoacan, which has become our go-to for Mexican.

The burrito was $6.00 each.

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