Oct 15: Tuna Melt; Pop-up Dinner


For variety we decided on a tuna melt on an onion bagel. We contemplated adding avocado, but our previous experience was that avocado and cheese is a little too match fat for one meal, so we dropped the avocado.

  • The can of skipjack tuna in water was $1.49 or 75c per serve
  • The vegan dressing (not mayo!) is $2.29 a jar but we used about 15c worth each serve
  • An onion bagel is 50c
  • Cheese was 55c per serve
  • Add 30c for the spring onion and celery per serve.

Lunch was $2.25 per serve and delicious.


For dinner we had tickets for a Pop-up with Saga┬áin nearby Porter Ranch. Saga cooked up a delicious variety of modern Arabic-inspired cuisine, as you can see from the menu used as today’s key image. (Sadly, my food pictures did not do the food justice.

Our favorites were the butternut squash hummus which has the hummus flavor you’d expect (tahini, garlic, cumin) but with a puree of roasted butternut squash instead of pureed garbanzo beans. A really flavorsome take on hummus. The tradition hummus was an excellent example, but we strongly preferred the butternut squash version. (We might have even taken some home! Shhh, don’t tell anyone.)

Another favorite was the Seasoned Beef Kebabs, of which Foodie Philip ate five, and the Cool and Creamy yoghurt and cucumber mint salad was a perfect accompaniment to it.

Beef Kebab
Seasoned Beef Kebab

There wasn’t a bad dish on the table. Foodie Philip is not the fan of Brussels Sprouts but he went back for seconds of the Roasted Yams with Brussels Sprouts and for the non-traditional Fatoush salad.

Non-traditional Fatoush salad.
Non-traditional Fatoush salad.

The popup meal included wine and beer and dessert and was very fairly priced at $64.00 per person.


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