Nov 3: Ham and Cheese Quiche; Tapas


After a breakfast offering on the plane that was the absolute worst airline food I’d experienced and completely inedible, I was set for lunch in Paris – well, at Charles DeGaul Airport! Because the flights had been delayed by the airline they offered an 8 Euro voucher, which was used to purchase a ham and cheese quiche, which was quite good.

No cost to us!


At the recommendation of a friend, Foodie Philip walked the two miles to Bar La Plata where the entire ordering conversations was:

“You want tomato?” “Yes.”

“You want fish?”  “Yes”

“You want beer?”  “Yes”

I wasn’t exactly sure what type of tomato or fish dish I was going to get, but from what was around me, I was pretty sure the fish component was deep fried sardine (or similar small fish) eaten whole.

But first came the tomato, onion, dried olive salad drizzled with olive oil. High quality ingredients simply prepared and utterly delicious. The onion was quite sweet and not at all sulfurous.

A simple tomato 'salad'
A simple tomato ‘salad’

The fish was as expected: deep fried sardine lightly salted. And utterly delicious. It’s today’s featured image.

With a beer the dinner cost 7 Euro or $7.70 approximately

And then the two mile walk back to my accommodations!

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