Nov 4: Pork Roll; Tapas (lots of tapa)


Still in Barcelona and caught in setting up, there was no time to go out for lunch, so lunch was bought to us. Foodie Philip had a quite decent roll filled with pork and cheese.

Lunch was supplied by the Final Cut Pro X Tour organizers.


Many hours later, after the event concluded at 10:00pm, the organizers, workers and presenters went out for dinner. We had an 11pm booking, which is not that unusual in Barcelona.

Food flowed, starting with tomato bread, parma ham and a cheese I didn’t catch.

Parma ham and cheese - after we'd already nibbled!
Parma ham and cheese – after we’d already nibbled!

Followed by two types of croquette: one fish, one mushroom. Both were great, but the mushroom one came out twice and Foodie Philip had three!

Mushroom croquettes
Mushroom croquettes

There was a large shrimp and an interesting combination of chorizo sausage (cooked of course, so it had a crisp shell) and hummus. Unexpected but very good.

Chorizo and hummus (with pita bread)
Chorizo and hummus (with pita bread)

After all this food, several glasses of wine and 1am rolling around, we got to the entree! We’d been asked for our selection of pork or tuna. I chose pork, not knowing the tuna was served as huge steaks just lightly seared.

The pork was delicious, and the padron peppers are a favorite. No hot one this time. The meal concluded with either dessert or cocktail. The cocktail was vodka based, delicious but otherwise unknown.

A delicious meal with great people that I reluctantly had to leave at 1:30am because my 7am alarm to catch the flight home was looming.

Dinner was also covered by the event organizers.

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