Nov 5: Airline meals; Pan seared Duck Breast with pomegranate-ponzu-soy drizzle; Broccoli and Pomegranate slaw; Wild Rice Mix


There’s a big difference in the quality of airline food – on the same airline – depending where the flight originates. The food on the flight from Paris to Los Angeles was significantly better than the reverse. Something about the French and food?

Lunch was a decent Ham and Cheese quiche with a Scandinavian Style Smoke Salmon salad, which was really good. Again, included in the air fare.


Back home and Foodie Greg had planned a celebratory dinner: duck breast on brown rice with a pomegranate slaw and pomegranate, ponzu and soy drizzle.

The duck breasts were scored and fried skin down to render out some delicious duck fat (saved for later use) and crispen the skin. A little sear on the other side, and into the oven to finish, before resting, cutting and serving.

The slaw was a supermarket broccoli slaw to which pomegranate pearls were added.

  • The organic duck breasts were $14.23, or $7.12 per serve (expensive but comparable with our Prather Ranch steaks)
  • The country rice blend was $2.63 for the packet but that will make four serves, so 66c serve.
  • The broccoli slaw was $1.69 or 12 oz, but we used only half or 21c per serve
  • The pomegranate seeds/pearls are $3.99 for the pack, or $2.00 a serve
  • Add 20c for the drizzle ingredients.

Dinner tonight was superb, and cost $10.19 but would be at least three times that in a restaurant.

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