Nov 17: Shanghai Noodle & Pork Wrap; Chuck Eye Steak with Crash Hot Potato, Broccoli Slaw and Onion & Blue Cheese Sauce


We took the remaining serve of the Shanghai noodles and reheated them before spreading on a wrap with a little siracha hot sauce.

  • The flatbread is 50c
  • The noodles were $3.51 per serve but we halved that, or $1.76 per serve
  • Add 10c for the siracha sauce.

Lunch today cost $2.36 per serve.


Thursday night is ‘steak night’ and tonight we experimented with a chuck eye steak from our Prather Ranch delivery. The chuck eye is the end steak of the primal normally cut into rib eye. They have a little more of a mix of muscles, unlike rib eye’s “eye and cap” combination, but flavor and texture wise they’re very like rib eye, but cheaper.

We also revisited an old favorite we haven’t tried all year: an onion, cream and blue cheese sauce. Three simple ingredients: an amazing package of flavor. The sweetness of the onion balances out the earthiness of the blue cheese, while the cream blends it together.

  • The chuck eye steak was $11.33 or $5.67 per serve
  • Two onions add 30c per serve
  • The whipping cream was $1.79 or 90c per serve
  • The crumbled blue was $3.49 for the container. We used 1/4 or 44c per serve
  • The pack of potatoes was $3.99 but we used about 1/8 of the pack or 25c per serve.
  • The broccoli slaw was $1.69 for 12 oz, but we used only 1/4 or 21c per serve

The crash hot potatoes provided crunchy deliciousness while the broccoli slaw added a little freshness, but the star was – without a doubt – the onion blue cheese sauce. All up $7.77 per serve.

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