Dec 2: Pulled Pork Roll; TGIF


Since we were about to leave for an Australian trip, we needed to use up the last of the pulled pork.

  • Six par baked rustic rolls were $3.29 or 55c per serve.
  • The pulled pork cost $1.47
  • Add 20c for some Sriracha Garlic BBQ sauce

Lunch today cost $2.22.


After traveling to Los Angeles International Airport and checking in, we ended up at TGIF nearby for dinner when our original plans fell through.

The meal at TGIF cost approximately $21.70 per serve with tax and tip. To be honest the food at TGIF is, at best, average. About the level that Gordon Biersch was five years ago before they got serious about improving their food. Between those two chains Gordon Biersch has the best food by a big margin.

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