Dec 6: Brunch out; Roast Chicken and Salad


Although the Foodies mostly associate with Foodie Philip’s family, this morning we had brunch with Foodie Greg’s niece. She collected us and we went to a nearby suburb for a rather good breakfast meal, although almost at lunch time.

Foodie Greg had Australian style baked beans, eggs and sourdough toast. Australian style baked beans are more tomato based, and much less sweet than US baked beans. Foodie Philip had “the big breakfast” of eggs, bacon, hash brown, sourdough toast, sausage, spinach, mushrooms and vine tomatoes. All very good. Foodie Philip’s meal is today’s featured image.

Today’s lunch averages at Au$20.50 or US$14.95 per serve.


Foodie Philip’s mother once again prepared dinner: the remainder of the roast chicken and salad, with ham as an additional protein.

Once again there was no cost to the Foodies.

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