Dec 7: Chicken Pie & Sausage Roll; Lamb Chops with Potatoes, Peas and String Beans


The Foodies went visiting their old stomping grounds in the heart of Newcastle (NSW, Australia) and ate at the semi-famous Harry’s Cafe de Wheels: a meat pie shop in a converted tram. Despite Anthony Bourdain’s gushing over their Sydney outlet, Harry’s meat pies and sausage rolls are, at best, average.

The chicken pie was okay; the sausage rolls suffered from over-exposure to the heating drawer which dried the outside. A little water in that heating draw would solve that problem.

Lunch today was Au$10.60 or US$7.74


Dinner was once again hosted by the Foodie’s mother with a very classic Australian meal: meat and two veg! We had three vegetables but the star of this meal were the lamb loin chops, which are much more popular (and affordable) in Australia.

Dinner tonight was again at no cost to the Foodies.

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