Dec 14: Kebab; Steak Diane Parcels with Potatoes and Broccolini


While the foodies make pretend kebabs/yeros/gyro meat wraps, an Australian kebab is a whole different thing. According to legend kebabs are Greek in origin, but like all transposed international cuisine, they tend to take on a local flavor and become a new thing. Such is the Australian kebab.

Wrapped in a huge pita bread, stuffed with meat, iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes, chipped red onion, grated cheese with a garlic sauce, it’s a huge meal, best enjoyed for lunch by a lake, or late at night on the way home! You can think of the kebab as Australia’s burrito: they’re not at all the same but fill the same place in the cuisine ecosystem.

Lunch today cost Au$8.60 per serve, or US$6.28 – just a little more than a good burrito.


The Foodies mother buys meat at an old fashioned butcher near Coles in Warner’s Bay, NSW. One that cuts their own meat from primals, and grinds their own beef or pork. Like most of these type of businesses, they’ve branched out into the much more profitable prepared dishes. Tonight we enjoyed a very good steak diane parcel: a cross between the classic dish and a meat pie with chopped steak in a very good diane sauce and wrapped with puff pastry.

Served with boiled potatoes and broccolini, it was a very satisfying meal. Price unknown but  Au$8-12 each would be reasonable.

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