Dec 15: Fish and Chips; Salmon Chowder


An unseasonably cold and rainy summer day led to thoughts of England, which lead to thoughts of fish and chips. Since we’d enjoyed the fish and chips we had back on Dec 4, even though we’d waited far too long to eat it, we went back for more.

Fresh from the shop this was an excellent example of perfectly battered and cooked cod and very decent Australian-style chips. The cod was coated with a batter, not breaded, and fried so the batter was just crisp and the fish inside melted in our mouth. The Australia ‘chip’ is a much larger, chunkier fry than typical in the US – almost a steak fry. These were buttery soft inside and almost crisp on the outside. Very close to perfect.

Lunch today was Au$5.00 per serve or US$3.65.


The aforementioned cold and rainy day led to thoughts of soup, and salmon chowder was the decision. This is a favorite of Foodie Philip and we got close today. We were unable to source fish stock or clam juice, so we had to substitute chicken stock. We were fortunate to find wild caught canned red salmon, which has more flavor than the pink.

Of course, no half-and-half in Australia so the less rich full cream milk substituted. Normally we’d add a fair amount of Old Bay for seasoning but the chicken stock was quite salty enough, so we added only some smoky seasoning from Trader Joes. (Yes, even in Australia thanks to a previous parental visit.)

Not exactly the same, but good none-the-less. The recipe is one that Foodie Greg created and feeds six.

These prices are all in Australian dollars. Conversion at the end.

  • A large carrot cost 51c but we only used 2/3 or 7c per serve
  • The onion cost 81c or 14c per serve
  • The potatoes cost $2.85 or 48c per serve
  • A bunch of trimmed celery was 3.00 but we only used 1/3 or 17c per serve
  • Chicken stock was $2.00 or 33c per serve
  • Full cream milk (normal milk) was $1.10 for the carton, or 17c per serve
  • The 1KG (just over 2 lbs) pack of frozen corn kernels was $2.70, but we used only 1/4 or 12c per serve
  • The can of red salmon was $6.00 or $1.00 per serve
  • 3 rashers of bacon (well, they put in 4) cost $3.34 or 56c per serve.

Dinner tonight cost Au$3.04 per serve or US$2.22 per serve. When we last cooked this at home in the US, it cost $1.92 per serve, for comparison.

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