Dec 26: “Club” Lunch; Roast Duck with Roast Vegetables


For lunch the Foodies were invited out by Foodie Greg’s family and we met at the Belmont 16′ Club. The concept of a working man’s club as it is in Australia doesn’t really translate to the US context. These are member owned, licensed premises supported by ‘poker’ (slot) machines. They would be close to a very small scale casino without accommodation.

Foodie Greg had a good Thai steak salad while Foodie Philip had a roast chicken breast with mushroom risotto. Foodie Greg’s family paid for lunch.


The Foodie’s mom had purchased two fresh ducks for post-christmas celebration and roasted one last night, along with roast potato, sweet potato, apple and carrot, served with peas.

  • The duck was Au$20 and we got four serves, forĀ $5 a serve
  • Potatoes run at 50c per serve
  • Sweet potato cost 60c per serve
  • Peas and carrot add another 30c per serve.

Dinner tonight was an excellent example of a roast meal, particularly since the vegetables were roasted in duck fat! At US$4.68 it was very reasonable.

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