Jan 21: Smoked Salmon on Onion Bagel; Pork “Tom Kha Gai”


A rare sunny day so we toasted an onion bagel each, and filled it with cream cheese, capers and smoked salmon. Delicious.

  • An onion bagel is 50c
  • Salmon was $5.99 or $3.00 a serve
  • Cream cheese and capers add 40c.

Lunch today was generous and delicious for $3.90 per serve.


Having decided that we were not being inventive enough with our pound of ground pork that comes in our Prather Ranch box each month, and somewhat constrained from dairy because of Philip’s sensitivity, Greg decided on a pork version of Tom Kha Gai with the pork substituting for chicken.

This version has a lot more flavor from the crisp-fried pork than any chicken version we’ve had. A success. The combination of flavors are exceptionally well, although we felt we could add a little heat. A little research supported that: tom kha gai is served with a chili oil!

The recipe made four serves, and we served with naan bread. Nothing like breaking down cultural barriers!

  • The dry aged, ground pork was $8.69 for 1 lb, or $2.17 per serve
  • Lemon grass was 27c or 7c per serve
  • The ginger was 16c or 4c per serve
  • Limes were $1.95 or 49c per serve
  • The coconut milk was $1.69 or 43c per serve
  • Sliced crimini mushrooms were $2.29 or 57c per serve
  • A four cup carton of stock is $2.39 and we used four cups of chicken, and two cups of mushroom broth, or 90c per serve.
  • A pack of four naan are $1.99 or 50c per serve.

Including the naan, tonight’s really tasty meal, cost $5.17 per serve.

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