Jan 23: Double Double; Jamaican “Rice and Peas” with Roast Chicken


Another Burbank Monday had Philip at In and Out Burger for lunch.

A Double Double is $4.08 with tax.


Time to  use the chicken legs (thigh and drumstick) from our supermarket roast chicken this week. Tonight we paired it with Jamaican rice and peas, which are really beans. The recipe makes six serves.

The chicken was steamed over the cooking rice. The rice and peas was okay, but it needs more beans, and we found a generous sprinkling of Trader Joe’s Lime and Chili and some fresh lime went a long way to improving on the recipe.

  • The chicken was $2.50 per serve
  • Onion and garlic add 10c per serve
  • The rice adds 25c per serve
  • A can of black beans costs 99c or 17c per serve
  • Coconut milk is $1.69 per can or 56c per serve
  • The habanero was 25c or 4c per serve
  • Add 10c per serve for seasonings and oil.

Tonights ‘rice and peas’ cost $1.22 and with the chicken, $3.72 per serve. With our improvements, the rice will be better tomorrow night. A little piri piri sauce gave the dull chicken some interest.

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