Feb 16: Bacon and Tomato Sandwich; Beef Massaman Curry


Because we could, we had the bacon and tomato from a BLT on a very nice sprouted multigrain bread from Trader Joe’s with some supermarket tabouli.

  • The sprouted wholemeal is $3.49 a loaf with 18 slices, or 39c per two slice sandwich
  • The bacon was $6.99 for 12 slices, and we used 1.5 per serve, or 88c
  • We used one kumato per serve or 58c
  • We served 1/4 of the tabouli salad or 67c per serve
  • Eggless mayo add another 15c per serve.

Lunch today cost $2.67 and was pretty good.


A nice warming beef  beef massaman curry seemed appropriate with Winter’s worst storm pending. We had some Beef Sirloin Tip Steaks from our Prather Ranch meat delivery, which is not a cut we’re familiar with. We opted to leave them whole and cook in the Massaman Curry sauce.

Beef massaman is warming without being too spicy. We use a curry base we buy from Amazon for this simple, quick meal.

  • We had two steaks of around 10oz each or $5.86 per serve
  • The curry is $3.38 per can or $1.69 per serve
  • Coconut milk is $1.69 per can or 85c per serve
  • Peanuts were $2.99 but we only used half, or 75c per serve
  • Potato adds 25c per serve
  • The bunch of carrots was 89c but we used half in this dish, or 23c per serve
  • Organic brown basmati rice is $4.49 for the pack, but we used only about 20% or 45c per serve.

Dinner tonight was perfect for the weather: delicious and warming but a little expensive at $10.75 per serve. The brown basmati rice (pressure cooked) was light, fluffy and tasty. It’s likely to become our go to rice.

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