Feb 19: Chicken Wrap; Pot Roast with Winter Vegetables


Back to our routine chicken wrap.

  • The flatbread is 50c per serve
  • The roast chicken is $9.99 for the bird, but we used half of one breast, or 63c per serve
  • We served 1/4 of the tabouli salad or 67c per serve.
  • Hummus is $3.99 per container and we used about 1/6 or 33c per serve

Lunch today cost $2.13 per serve.


With a friend coming over for dinner, and unpleasantly cold weather, another pot roast seemed good, but for variety we cooked Bruce Aidells’ Pot-Roasted Grass-Fed Beef Chuck with Winter Root Vegetables with cross rib roast.

We found it made five very generous serves, with some vegetables and broth left over. It’s now our favorite pot roast recipe.

  • The Beef Cross Rib Roast cost $21.37 or $4.25 per serve
  • The herbs for the rub add 20c (approximately) per serve
  • The thick sliced, uncured bacon cost $7.99 and we used 1/3 in the recipe, or 45c per serve
  • Onion $2.49 for a bag of 8, and we used two, or 13c per serve
  • Carrots were $1.02 or 21c per serve
  • The rutabagas was $1.06 or 18c per serve
  • Parsnips were $2.75 or 46c per serve
  • Two cups of red wine (2/3 of a bottle) or 30c per serve
  • A four cup carton of stock is $2.39 and we only needed 1/2 cup or 6c per serve
  • Garlic and other seasonings add 20c per serve.

Dinner tonight was our favorite pot roast recipe so far, and delicious served with friends. Our meal tonight cost $6.44 per serve.

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