Mar 17: The Country Deli; Muffuleta Pasta Salad with Cheese Tortellini


For no other reason than it was Friday, we went to The Country Deli for lunch. Philip had his usual marinated skirt steak, and Greg a reuben sandwich. Both meals lived up to the expectation that’s been set.

Lunch cost $22.00 per serve with tax and tip.


You can’t have a reuben sandwich for lunch, and a reuben casserole for dinner, so the final serves of the casserole will wait while we have a muffuletta pasta salad. This is a recipe we’ve done before.

Rather than add pasta and then cheese Greg decided to experiment with cheese filled tortellini, which worked very well.  We generally do a half recipe and go easier on the meats.

Neither of us could finish the meal at the one sitting.

  • The tortellini cos $3.99 or $2.00 per serve
  • The salami was also $3.99 but only half was used in the salad, or $1.00 per serve
  • Black olives cost $2.40 or 60c per serve
  • Green olives cost $2.40 or 60c per serve
  • The bunch of organic parsley was $1.49, but we only used 1/6 or around 10c per serve
  • An organic bell pepper was $1.63 or 41c per serve
  • Add 25c per serve for seasoning and oil.

There was definitely a third serving available, but based on two serves, tonight’s meal cost $4.96 per serve, and provides a good blend of flavor and texture where almost every bite is a different combination. The tortellini worked exceptionally well as a combination cheese and pasta substitute.

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