Mar 24: Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Baguette; Fish Pie


A perfect day for a BLT on a fresh baguette.

  • 1/4 of the baguette is 68c
  • The bacon was $6.99 for 12 slices, and we used 2 per serve, or $1.27 per serve
  • We used one kumato per serve or 58c
  • Eggless mayo add another 15c per serve
  • Lettuce adds 15c per serve.

Lunch today cost $2.83 and was pretty good.


Being fans of the Two Fat Ladies a natural choice was Jenifer’s Fish Pie, but with a few variations. We left out the shrimp and chose smoked salmon belly for a smoked fish, and cod for white fish. Instead of potato we used a cauliflower mash topping.

The recipe seems to make six serves.

  • The organic cauliflower was $5.17 (1.4 lb) or 86c per serve
  • For the firm fleshed fish, Greg used Kroger Wild Caught Pacific Cod. The 40 oz pack costs $16.89 but only 8 oz was used (two filets) or 56c a serve.
  • The smoked salmon belly was $7.99 or $1.33 per serve
  • The baby spinach cost $2.99 or 50c per serve
  • A red onion is 16c or 3c per serve
  • The half and half was $4.49 and 3/4 was used, or 75c per serve
  • Butter and seasonings add another 44c per serve.

Tonight’s  dinner cost us $4.47 a serve.  Since it lacks all structural integrity, it’s hard to understand why this is a “pie” when it’s more of a fish stew. We felt it could use a little more heat, like curry. Oh wait, that would be kedgeree!


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