Apr 17: Ham, Cheese and Pickle Sandwich; Greek-Style Tuna Salad


Although today was a Burbank Monday, a frantic schedule dictated taking a sandwich along.

  • Ham is $1.10 per serve, but we used a half serve each on the sandwich, or 55c per serve
  • Sprouted rye bread is 17c per slice, or 34c per serve
  • The NZ cheddar is $5.99 for the pack of eight, one ounce slices, or 75c per serve
  • Add 10c for your favorite pickle.

Lunch today was $1.74 per serve.


Dinner tonight was a new recipe for us: Greek-Style Tuna Salad. It was a light, refreshing change, served with/on par baked bread.

  • Tuna in olive oil is $4.58 for two cans, or $2.29 per serve
  • The organic baby plum tomatoes were $2.79 for the pack, but we only used half, or 70c per serve.
  • Persian cucumbers were 40c or 20c per serve
  • Black olives cost $2.40 or 60c per serve
  • Add 45c for oregano, parsley, oil and lemon juice
  • Par-baked roll is 63c.

Dinner tonight was a good, solid dish. Not one to set the world on fire, but one that we’ll revisit, for $4.87 per serve.


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