May 19: Popeyes Fried Chicken; Editor’s Lounge Meetup


An unplanned trip to Burbank to pick up a package had us coming back quite close to a Popeyes, so fried chicken for lunch it is. I’m constantly surprised how much more expensive Popeye’s in the San Fernando Valley is over Popeye’s in Burbank, which is usually about $2.00 cheaper.

  • 10 pieces of dark and spicy chicken is $16.99 or $3.54 a serve with tax
  • Half the Large Red Beans and Rice is $2.15 with tax, per serve.

Lunch today cost $5.69 per serve.


Foodie Philip attended the monthly Editor’s Lounge at Alpha Dogs in Burbank, where food is hosted by Alpha Dogs (and tonight came from Portos nearby).

Foodie Greg had a vegetable Biruani with Dumplings from Trader Joes, that cost $2.49.

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