May 26: Yeros Wraps; “English” Breakfast for Dinner


For lunch we went back to our gyro/yeros meat in a wrap.

  • The fully cooked sliced gyro/yeros meat is $3.99 per 10oz pack, or $1.00 per serve.
  • The flatbread is 50c per serve
  • Hummus is $3.99 per container and we used about 1/6 or 33c per serve
  • We served 1/4 of the tabouli salad or 67c per serve.

Lunch today cost $2.50.


Our plan for massaman curry was postponed for a day, so we used what we had on hand, and created an “English” breakfast for dinner: bratwurst, baked beans, and pastured eggs on rye bread. Yum.

  • The bratwurst are $3.49 for the pack, or $1.75 per serve
  • The Trader Joe’s Organic Baked Beans are a little sweet for our taste, but otherwise 75c per serve
  • Pastured Eggs are 50c each, so two adds $1.00 per serve.
  • We used approximately 1/4 of the $1.99 rye bread or 33c per serve

Dinner tonight was pretty tasty for $3.83 per serve.

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