Jun 16: Spicy Lamb & Lentil Wraps; Grilled Pork with Strawberry Cucumber Salad


The salsa from our crispy lamb and lentil lettuce wraps of two night ago was used in last night’s salad, but there was still some of the spicy lamb and tadziki blue cheese dressing. Perfect for a wrap.

  • The wholemeal wrap is 50c
  • The lamb was $5.99 or $1.50 per serve
  • The Madras Lentils were $3.99 for the pack or $1.00 per serve
  • Add 30c for spices and oil
  • The “yoghurt & cucumber” dip (tzatziki) is $4.99 but we used only two tablespoons, or 31c per serve.

Lunch today was delicious and cost $3.61 per serve.


Two large, bone in thick cut pork chops were in our Prather Ranch meat delivery, so we sous vidé them then finished with a quick fry on a hot griddle. We paired it with an old favorite: strawberries macerated in balsamic vinegar and cucumber salad, with some blue cheese crumbles added.

  • The pork chops were $10.07 per serve
  • We bought a huge punnet of strawberries for $2.49 and used about 1/3, or 43c per serve
  • A Persian cucumbers was 77c, or 39c per serve
  • Blue cheese crumbles were $3.99 but we used so little, it comes to 45c a serve
  • Add 20c per serve for the balsamic vinegar.

The pork chop was perfectly cooked, and the strawberry cucumber salad was – as always – perfect, although it probably did not need the blue cheese crumbles. Because of the quality of protein from Prather Ranch it’s a little more expensive at $11.54, but worth it.

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