Jul 4: Mixed Sandwiches; Fried Chicken with Ranch BBQ Salad


Once again we shared two different sandwiches: Roast Beef with Tabouli and garlic mustard aioli; Cheddar and Branston pickles.

  • The sprouted wholemeal is $3.49 a loaf with 18 slices, or 39c per two slice sandwich
  • The top sirloin was $5.99 per serve, but we used about 1/4 of a serve and shared it, or 75c a serve
  • The garlic mustard aioli is $2.49 for the jar, and we used 1/8 or 17c per serve
  • Tabouli is $2.69 but we used 1/8 or 17c per serve
  • The sliced yoghurt cheese is $4.79 a pack of 12 slices, or 80c per slice or 40c per serve
  • Branston pickles add another 18c per serve.

Today’s sandwiches were both pretty good and cost $2.06 per serve.


What could be more American than fried chicken! Served with a very American salad – Ranch BBQ – and bubbly, it was a perfect July 4 meal.

  • 10 pieces of dark and spicy chicken is $15.25 or $3.81 a serve with tax, because Philip had three pieces.
  • The BBQ Ranch salad kit was $3.49 or $1.75 per serve.

Tonight’s meal was tasty, although the salad was not the best we’ve had, for $5.56 per serve.

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