Jul 5: Rissole, Cream Cheese Sandwiches; Italian Tuna and Rice


Another in our ongoing attempts to find interesting lunch sandwich ingredients. Today we used leftover “rissole” meatloaf with tomato chutney and kefir cheese on one, and shared that with a neufchâtel and ceviche onion sandwich.

  • The sprouted wholemeal is $3.49 a loaf with 18 slices, or 39c per two slice sandwich
  • The sliced yoghurt cheese is $4.79 a pack of 12 slices, or 80c per slice or 40c per serve
  •  The rissole meatloaf is $5.00 per serve, and we used just under half a serve, or $1.25 per serve
  • The neufchâtel cheese is $1.49 for the pack, and we used less than half, or 38c per serve
  • The tomato chutney was made by Philip’s brother in Australia
  • The onion adds less than 5c per serve.

Lunch today was pretty good.  We felt the warm meatloaf, chutney and cheese was slightly ‘better’, but both were good for $2.47 per serve.


Another new recipe for us, and a simple one: Italian Tuna and Rice. For us it made four serve: two for tonight and partial serve for wraps.

  • Rice adds 22c per serve
  • The yellowfin tuna in oil is $2.29 per can and we used two, or or $1.15 per serve
  • Green olives cost 99c or 25c per serve
  • The jar of sun dried tomatoes are $3.49 and we ultimately used half, or 44c per serve
  • Olive oil, red wine vinegar and seasonings add 28c per serve
  • Served on a bed of baby spinach, which was $1.99 per bag, or 35c per serve.

Dinner tonight cost  $2.69, but frankly was a little bland. Before we add it to the wraps we’ll add capers for a little more saltiness, and little bursts of briny goodness.


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