Jul 8: Wrap & Sandwich; Roast Chicken with Vietnamese Mint Salad


We were going to experiment with a cream cheese, chicken, bell pepper, spring onion wrap each, but came up with only one wrap left! So that became a sandwich to share and the chicken, hummus and tabouli wrap was halved.

  • As usual, a chicken wrap with hummus and tabouli comes to $2.33 per serve, but we split it, or $1.67 per serve
  • The chicken in the sandwich is 88c or 44c per serve
  • Two slices of bread are 39c but shared 20c per serve
  • The neufchâtel cheese is $1.49 for the pack, and we used less than half, or 19c per serve
  • Bell pepper and spring onion add 15c per serve.

Lunch today was a nice variety and the sandwich worked well, for $2.64 per serve.


We served the remaining roast chicken with a Vietnamese mint salad, which otherwise would be a Vietnamese chicken salad if we’d chopped the chicken! We made three serves of salad.

  • The chicken thigh and drumstick was $1.75 per serve
  • The shredded green cabbage was 42c for the pack, or 14c per serve
  • The ingredients for the sauce add another 35c per serve
  • Mint cost 50c and we used half, or 8c per serve
  • The bunch of carrots was 89c but we used half in this dish, or 15c per serve
  • The limes for the dressing were 19c each (bargain) and we used four, but only about half the juice was used, leaving the rest for a later Gin and Tonic – 13c per serve.

Dinner tonight was good, partly because of the better quality chicken from Jon’s and partly because the cabbage (also from Jon’s) was particularly tasty, all for $2.60 per serve.

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