Jul 19: Bahn Mi; Beef Massaman Curry


Our trip to Jon’s to procure liverwurst, pork and a baguette as the foundation for a bahn mi were less than successful! The liverwurst was procured but ultimately we had to settle for sliced turkey breast, and a very inferior ‘baguette’ (from La Brea bakery) that was chewy and just not very good.

  • The baguette was $2.49, and we used half for lunch, or 63c per serve
  • Three Persian cucumbers were 51c and we shared one, or 9c per serve
  • Jalapeno pepper was 5c and we shared it, or 3c per serve
  • The liverwurst was $4.70 and we used 1/4 or 59c per serve
  • The turkey breast was $8.99 and we used about 1/4 or $1.13 per serve.

The bahn mi was great for $2.47, but the baguette was a disappointment.


Cross rip steak still in the freezer from our meat delivery, so  beef massaman curry even though the weather is anything but cold! We use a curry base we buy from Amazon for this simple, quick meal for three.

  • The cross rib steak was $6.02 or $3.01 per serve
  • The curry is $3.38 per can or $1.69 per serve
  • Coconut milk is $1.69 per can or 85c per serve
  • Peanuts were $2.99 but we only used half, or 75c per serve
  • Potato adds 25c per serve
  • Baby carrots were $1.49 and we used 1/4 or 19c per serve
  • Onion (not pearl) adds 15c per serve.

Tonight’s dinner was $6.89 per serve and very tasty, as always. We were going to use the remaining baguette as a dunking bread, but it would not absorb any liquid and was extremely chewy and dense, so we threw it out instead.

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