Jul 31: In and Out Double Double; Eloté


Another Burbank Monday had Philip eat his regular Double Double Animal Style from In and Out between appointments. With the recent living wage increase it now costs $4.26 with tax. Greg finished the Dutch mustard soup for $2.18 a serve.


The main reason we added a grill to our culinary options was for Eloté. We even did a video on it while we still had access to Avalon Burbank’s grills. It’s simple to prepare but has a huge flavor pay-off with the sweetness of the corn – enhanced by the grilling – balanced with the creamy ‘glue’ and salty cotija cheese.

The corn came from Jon’s market and was super fresh.

  • Six ears of corn were $1.98 or 66c per serve of two
  • Cotija cheese is probably the most important ingredient for sloté and this time we found some at our local Ralph’s supermarket for $3.99 for 8oz, and we used about 1/4 or 33c per serve.
  • Add 15c for mayonnaise and sour cream for the ‘glue’.

Dinner tonight cost $1.14 per serve for the elite. While the corn was grilling we enjoyed half of a batch of roquamole – avocado and roquefort cheese mixed together, which was delicious and, with blue corn chips, added $1.08 to the meal, for a total of $2.22!

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