Aug 17: Cheddar & Apple, Corned Beef & Mustard Sandwiches; Pork, Shiitake and Edamame in Coconut Cream


Today we repeated the sandwiches from two days ago: Cheddar and Apple with mustard aioli on one, and corned beef top round (a.k.a. silverside) with mustard.

  • The cheddar is $3.99 a block and we used 1/3 or 67c per serve
  • The bread is $2.79 for the loaf of 18 slices, or 31c per serve
  • The corned beef was $14.99 for 1.2 lb, and we used about 4 oz in this sandwich, or $1.58 per serve
  • The apple was 96c and we used 2/3, or 32c per serve
  • Add 25c for mustard and mustard aioli.

Lunch today cost $3.13 per serve and both were very good.


We decided to use some pork from the freezer and revisit the Pork, Shiitake and Edamame in Coconut Cream Sauce.   With more mushrooms than the recipe called for, this makes four generous serves when served with rice.

  • 1 lb of pork stir fry is $5.75 or $1.44 per serve
  • Coconut milk was $1.69 or 43c per serve
  • Shelled edamame was $1.29 or 33c per serve
  • Shitake mushrooms are $2.99 or 75c per serve
  • Add 25c for garlic, shallot and seasonings
  • Add 30c for rice.

For $3.50 a serve, it’s hard to work out how it could be better. And yes, this is both another “pork and beans” recipe and beans and rice!


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