Sep 19: Filet Americaine; Lamb Loin Chops with Green Bean Salad


We followed our IBC tradition and had filet Americaine at van Dobben. Filet Americaine is a tartar variation that includes mayonnaise and limited spices. Best consumed on a crusty French loaf, for $5.40 per serve.


We finally made a much anticipated return visit to Eatcafe Kevoet. We had two great meals here last year and we’re not disappointed tonight.

Both Foodies had the Spring Lamb loin chops. Cooked perfectly, but much less than would be in the US, they were tender and fully flavored.

The lamb was about $26.50 each.

Worth mentioning is their Sgroppino: lemon sorbet with vodka beaten in until it’s light and fluffy, finished with a little proseco. Indulgent but good.

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