Sep 20: Pannekoeken; Tapas


Out for a walk around Centrum, we stopped for pannekoeken: Dutch pancakes. Greg had a bacon, onion and cheese, while Philip got a huge surprise with his schwarma pancake!

A full schwarma wrapped in a pancake.

Lunch today was approximately $11.90 per serve.


For dinner we decided to revisit a neighborhood tapas place – Dos – where we had enjoyed a great meal last year. They did not disappoint.

Starting with the tomato bread with anchovy featured in the cover photo, through three more great dishes.

The rib eye was perfectly cooked and full of flavor, largely because there was fat on the meat.

The cherizo sausage was simply fried off, but was delicious and proper sausage  not the loose version common in Mexican food.

The hit of the meal was definitely the endive and blue cheese. Yum. The bitterness and wetness of the endive is a perfect balance totblue cheese dressing.

With a bottle of wine the total was 50 Euro, or without wine, about $17.00 per person.

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