Oct 1: Chicken and Tomato Baguette; Beef Stir Fry


A beautiful sunny day and a trip to Jon’s gave us one of their great roast chicken, a fresh baguette and some heirloom tomatoes. Add a little mayo and it’s a great meal. Simple, but when everything that goes into it is good, the result is always good.

  • The BBQ chicken is $6.99 or 88c per serve
  • The baguette is $2.79 but we used half for lunch, or 70c
  • Two tomatoes were $1.30 but we used only one, or 33c per serve.

Lunch today was very enjoyable and $1.91 per serve.


Our Prather Ranch delivery always seems to include “beef for fajita” and we generally end up doing a stir fry. After having good success with the Foster Farms salad kits, we thought we’d try their ginger and garlic stir fry kit.

A big disappointment. It lacked flavor and the vegetables includes were such an eclectic mix there was no cohesion in the resulting meal. Including sliced, but not cooked, brussel sprouts was a fail because Foodie Philip hates them. All in all, a total fail. At least the beef was good!

  • The stir fry kit was, thankfully, only $1.79 or 90c per serve
  • The beef is $13.99 or $7.00 per serve.

Dinner tonight was, as I said, disappointing for $7.90 per serve.

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