Oct 5: Tomato & Mayo, Corned Beef, Tabouli & Spicy Labné; Rib Eye, Butter Garlic Mushrooms & Halloumi Roast Vegetables


A direct repeat of yesterday. On the corned beef sandwich we added tabouli from Jon’s and it was definitely a superior tabouli than we get from other providers. It adds a wet and flavor component to the corned beef sandwich that elevates it.

The tomato and mayo (substitute) is always a good sandwich and with a heritage, flavorsome tomato it is a great sandwich.

  • Twos slice of bread are 32c per serve
  • The pastrami beef was $6.52 for 1 lb, and we used about 3 oz in this sandwich, or 61c per serve
  • The Jon’s tabouli is $2.83 for the 8oz container, and we served 1/4 of the tabouli salad or 36c per serve
  • Add 25c for spicy labné
  • The heirloom tomato was $1.30 and we use half, or 33c per serve
  • Add 20c for mayo.

Lunch today comprised two really good, tasty sandwiches, halved, for $2.07 per serve.


Although the weather is cooling at night, it’s still warm enough to grill and eat outside, so a rib eye comes out of the freezer and onto the grill. Meanwhile garlic butter mushrooms roast in the oven, and the remainder of the sweet potato halloumi bake rounded out the meal.

  • The 12oz rib eye is $19.24 or $9.62 per serve
  • The halloumi roast vegetables is $2.22 per serve
  • Mushrooms were $2.29 or $1.15 per serve
  • The butter is $3.99 per block, and we used about 3/8 for two serves, or 75c per serve
  • Garlic adds 5c per serve.

Dinner tonight was excellent. The steak perfectly blue, the garlic butter mushrooms outshone those we had at Dos in Amsterdam and the roast vegetables with halloumi just got better in the two days between. Top notch food for $13.79.

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