Oct 6: Chicken & Tabouli in a Hot Roll; Thom Ka Moo Soup with Brown Rice Vermicelli


Coming to the end of the week and we have a chicken breast and some tabouli left over. Warm the chicken, stuff it in a hot rustic roll finished in the oven, season with some mustard aioli and that’s a pretty good lunch.

  • The chicken breast is $1.75 or 88c per serve
  • A pack of six par baked rustic rolls is $3.29 or 55c per serve
  • The Jon’s tabouli is $2.83 for the 8oz container, and we served the remaining 1/4 or 36c per serve
  • Add 25c for the mustard aioli.

Lunch today was $2.04 per serve and pretty tasty.


We revisited the balance of the Thom Ka Moo but with brown rice vermicelli instead of brown rice, because the rice and ground pork have textures that are two similar, whereas the vermicelli texture is completely different.

  • The thom ka moo is $5.62 per serve
  • The brown rice vermicelli is $2.39 per pack, and we used half, or 60c per serve.

Dinner tonight was even better than the original, for just $6.24 per serve.

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