Nov 5: Mixed Sandwiches; Beef and Barley Stew


Today’s two shared sandwiches were a turkey, tabouli, and avocado, and an avocado and cheese. We had an avocado to use!

  • Two slices of bread are 32c per serve
  • The tabouli came from Jon’s and is $2.52, of which we used about 1/4 or 32c per serve
  • The turkey breast was $2.99 and we used 1/3 or 50c per serve
  • The avocado was 4 for $2.99, or 38c per serve
  • 12 slices of yoghurt cheese are $4.79 and we shared two or 40c per serve.

Lunch today was an interesting mix of sandwiches for  $1.92 per serve.


We had a good sized chuck roast from our Prather Ranch meat deliver, and decided to do a pot roast variation: beef and barley stew in a pot in the oven, not on a stove top.

The recipe makes four very generous, and filling serves, with the barley. We added half a pack of steamed lentils to up the fiber quotient.

  • The beef was $21.22 or $5.30 per serve
  • Mushrooms were $2.39 or  60c per serve
  • The lentils are $2.99 for a 500g (about 1lb) and we used half or 38c per serve
  • The pearl barley is $4.89 for a 28 oz bag, or 35c per serve
  • Mushroom stock replaced the other stocks in the recipe for $3.99 or $1.00 per serve
  • Wine adds 20c per serve
  • Onion, celery and garlic add 35c per serve.

Tonight’s beef was extremely tender. Braising is an amazing conversion of a tough piece of meat into one that is tender and flavorsome. Tonight’s meal cost $8.18, although we could have probably served less and made more portions available!

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