Nov 17: Pulled Pork Roll; Red Beans with Andouille with Rice and Yoghurt Cumin Dressing


With pulled pork in the fridge, and par baked rolls ready to finish, it was time for a pulled pork roll!

  • The pulled pork is $4.77 per serve, but we shared one serve, or $2.39 per serve
  • The roll is 63c
  • Add 5c for pickled onion.

Lunch today was pretty darned good for $3.07 per serve


It was time to revisit the black bean side we created for dinner last Sunday. During the week Greg had added seasoning to spice it up a bit. Tonight we served the enhanced beans with “sausage hot links” from Trader Joe’s. While not officially andouille, they have very similar characteristics.

Foodie Greg sliced and fried off the sausage and served on top of the beans and rice mix, for a very tasty meal.

  • The beans were 83c per serve
  • Add 15c per serve for seasonings
  • Add $2.50 per serve for the sausage
  • Add 45c for cucumber and yoghurt
  • Add 33c for rice.

Dinner tonight was a big improvement on the beans as originally served. Frying the sausage really enhances the flavor. A good meal for $4.26 per serve.

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