Jan 1: Barrata and Smoked Salmon; Gordon Biersch


For lunch the Foodies enjoyed the burrata, smoked salmon and watercress outdoors, such is a California Winter! It was our first 2018 meal.

The salty smoked salmon was a perfect balance to the young burrata cheese with the watercress adding – in theory – a spicy edge. In practice our watercress was a little bland, but it was a wet counterpoint.

  • The burrata is $4.99 for two, or $2.50 per serve
  • The smoked salmon was $6.49 or $3.25 each
  • Add 40c for watercress
  • Add 38c for a crisp bread.

Lunch today was spectacularly good for $6.53 per serve.


Tonight was our regular monthly meeting with other developers, so we were once again at Gordon Biersch, despite our misgivings after last months’ burger.

After much deliberation the Foodies decided on Smoked Chicken Tostitos and Fish and Chips. We both agreed that the Tostitos were much more flavorsome than the fish and chips, despite being “on the lighter side.”

Dinner tonight cost $19.90 per serve (on average) with tax and tip.

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