Feb 13: Kabocha Squash & Ham Quiche; Mexican Quinoa “Chili” with Tostadas


For lunch we had the remaining serves of the kobocha squash and ham quiche from a couple of nights ago. We served on a slice of “fry bread”: regular bread done in the panini press (with some butter, of course).

The quiche was $1.11 per serve and we added 20c for the bread and butter, or $1.31 per serve.


A new recipe for us: Mexican Quinoa On-Pot Meal, which is like a chili, but with a Mexican flavor profile. It makes a good six serves and we served with baked tostadas broken up.

  • The beef, from our Prather Ranch delivery, was $10.34 or $1.72 per serve
  • We purchased about half a pound of quinoa for $3.01 but used half, or 25c per serve
  • Ro-tel diced tomato was $1.19 or 20c per serve
  • Chicken stock adds 8c per serve
  • The black beans were 99c for the can or 17c per serve
  • Roasted corn was $2.49 and we used half or 42c per serve
  • Taco seasoning was $1.59 for the pack, or 27c per serve
  • Onion and garlic adds 15c per serve
  • Avocado was $3.49 for four and we shared one, or 44c per serve
  • Baked tostadas are $2.29 for a pack of 22 and we had one each, or 10c per serve.

The ‘chili’ was a little dry with just the avocado, which is probably why the recipe calls for sour cream and shredded cheese as toppings. The flavor was excellent and worked really well with the baked tostadas for a $3.80 per serve.

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