Feb 24: Pork Three Ways: Bahn Mi; Choucroute Garnie


We thought about burritos for lunch, but a Bahn Mi is only 2 more minutes away, and we like them a whole lot more, so Pork Bahn Mi for lunch at $8.50 per serve.


The best way to enjoy sauerkraut is definitely in a Choucroute Garnie: sauerkraut, potatoes, carrot slow simmered with your choice of porky products. We paired it with Trader Joe’s Oktoberfest Bratwurst and prepared Pork Belly, two more pork products for our ‘day of pork.’

The recipe makes four portions.

  • The bratwurst are $3.49 for the pack, or 87c per serve
  • The Pork Belly is $6.49 or $1.63 per serve
  • The sauerkraut is $2.99 a pack or 75c per serve
  • The carrots were 50c or 13c per serve
  • Potatoes add 53c per serve
  • The onion, garlic, bay leaf and juniper berries add another 26c per serve
  • White wine adds another 54c per serve.

Dinner tonight was tasty, warming and filling for just $4.71 per serve.

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