Mar 1: Lemon Salmon with Gouda, Tomato, Mayo & Gouda; Mushroom and Red Wine Meatloaf with Horseradish Sweet Potato, Gravy and Dressed Greens


Today’s toasted sandwiches started with a pouch of Lemon Pepper Salmon – the perfect amount for one sandwich – and a slice of gouda on one sandwich, with Heirloom tomato, gouda and mayo on the other.

  • The salmon was $2.79 or $1.40 per serve
  • Gouda slices are 12 for $3.99 or 33c per serve.
  • Three heirloom tomatoes were $2.87 and we shared half of one, or 48c per serve
  • Two slices of bread are 32c per serve
  • Add 45c for mayo and butter.

We were uncertain how well the salmon would pair with gouda (or any cheese) but it worked well. Tomato and cheese is probably the most cliché toasted sandwich, but when done well, is incomparable. Two good sandwiches for $3.30 per serve.


Time to slice up that meatloaf and fry it off to get great extra flavor thanks to the maillard reaction on the surface. Pressure cook some Japanese sweet potato, which is not as sweet and further balance the sweetness with some horseradish.

We took some of the greens from a supermarket salad and dressed them simply in vinegar and olive oil to provide a green touch. Mashed potato always calls for gravy!

  • The meatloaf from two nights ago cost $6.55 per serve
  • The Japanese sweet potato was $2.92 but we will get at least four serves, or 59c per serve
  • The salad kit was $3.00 but we only used about 10% or 15c each
  • The gravy was $1.79 or 90c per serve, although some leftover went into the mash for an extra kick.

The fried meatloaf is always good. The gravy and mashed sweet potato went well together, probably better than the gravy and meatloaf! All up a good meal for $8.33 per serve.

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