Mar 8: Pastrami, Tabouli & Swiss; Rib Eye with Roast Kabocha Squash and Buttered Balsamic Mushrooms


We had some pastrami that needed to be used, so we made two identical Pastrami, Tabouli and Swiss toasted sandwiches.

  • Two slices of bread are 32c per serve
  • Add 25c for butter
  • The 1.25 lb of beef pastrami was $7.69 (32c an ounce), and we used two on the sandwich, or 64c per serve
  • We served 1/2 of the tabouli salad or 67c per serve
  • Gouda slices are 12 for $3.99 or 17c per serve.

Lunch today was decent for $2.05 per serve.


It’s “Thursday night steak night” and tonight we picked a rib eye from our Prather Ranch meat delivery and grilled it, as there was a break in the cold weather.

We paired it with roast kabocha squash – rapidly becoming a favorite – and an impressive Buttered Balsamic Mushrooms. We skipped the sugar but added a reduced balsamic glaze

  • The rib eye was $19.97 or $9.99 per serve
  •  The mushrooms were $2.49 or $1.25 per serve
  • The kabocha squash was $1.98 and we used half, or 50c per serve
  • The balsamic glaze adds 35c per serve
  • Rosemary came from our garde
  • Add 35c per serve for seasonings, oil and shallots
  • The butter is $3.99 per block, and we used about 1/5 for two serves, or 40c per serve.

Dinner tonight was better than most steak house meals we’ve had. The buttered balsamic mushrooms were intensely flavored, and almost too much, but paired with the steak or squash, it was perfect. A great meal for $12.84 per serve.

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