Mar 29: Skirt Steak Sandwich, Potato Sandwich; Top Sirloin with Satay Sauce and Vietnamese Salad


For lunch we harvested the bounty of leftovers from just one of yesterday’s lunches from The Country Deli: steak and potatoes. This after also sending our guest – the originator of the leftovers – away with a skirt steak and semi-dried tomato sandwich.

  • Two slices of rye bread are 32c
  • The skirt steak and potato were paid for as part of yesterday’s lunch, so have no additional cost
  • Add 20c for butter.

Lunch today was a good toasted steak sandwich, which reheated the meat nicely, for only 52c per serve!


Once again our “Thursday night steak night” was our deconstructed satay: grilled top sirloin with satay sauce and a Vietnamese inspired slaw.

  • The top sirloin from the Prather Ranch delivery was $11.99 or $6.00 per serve
  • The peanut butter was $3.99 and we used about 1/8,  or 25c a serve
  • Other seasonings in the satay sauce add 35c per serve
  • The remainder of the organic green cabbage was  63c per serve
  • Carrot adds 30c per serve
  • Salad seasonings add 20c
  • Mint came from our garden.

Even though thin, the steaks were perfectly cooked, the satay sauce bought umami, sour and salt to the party and the black rice was a nutty carrier for the other flavors. The Vietnamese/Thai inspired salad contrasted with a sharp sour, but fresh, bite.  A good meal for $7.73 per serve.

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