May 17: Meat Pie & Sausage Roll; Seafood Rissotto/Veal Cutlet


For our final lunch with Philip’s mom we went with her to her favorite local coffee shop and had meat pies and sausage rolls. Well, Philip had one of each while Foodie Greg has a quiche.

The quiche was pretty good while the meat pie and sausage roll were quite ordinary. The average cost for the meal was Au$8.50 (US6.38) per serve.


Our trip home had started with an overnight stay in Sydney, which allowed us to catch up with an old friend and eat Italian. Foodie Greg had a Veal Cutlet which was quite good, while Philip had a “seafood risotto” that was not too bad but was definitely not made on arborio rice, so ended up a little starchy.

The meal averaged Au$37.50 (US$28.13) per serve.

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