Jun 1: Roast Chicken, Tabouli & Garlic Spread Toasted; Penang Chicken Curry with Brown Rice


Today we made two identical toasted sandwiches with garlic spread, tabouli and the other chicken breast.

  • The chicken breast is 75c per serve
  • Sprouted rye bread is 32c per serve
  • The Tabouli is $2.69 and we put about 2 oz on each sandwich, or 67c per serve
  • Add 40c for garlic spread.

As far as toasted sandwiches go, this one was kind of dull for $2.14 per serve


For dinner we served the other two serves of Penang Curry with brown rice.

  • The curry paste was $2.29 for the can, or 56c per serve
  • The ground pork, from our meat delivery, was $8.42 or $2.10 per serve
  • The kabocha squash was $4.36 and we used half in the curry, or 55c per serve
  • Coconut milk was $1.89 or 47c per serve
  • Add 20c per serve for other ingredients
  • Brown rice adds 33c per serve.

Again, a decent – but not exciting – curry for $4.21 per serve.

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