Jul 1: Bahn Mi; Salad Lyonnaise


The Bahn Mi  today was exceptionally good. It seemed to be even more stuffed with ingredients than usual. A great sandwich for $8.75 per serve with tax and tip.


What could be better than a salad featuring bacon, bacon fat and eggs! Nothing, which is why we had Salad Lyonnaise!

  • Bacon pieces were $4.49 for the pack and we used about 1/4, or 19c per serve
  • Pastured eggs were on special at 47c each
  • Lettuce was $2.29 or $1.15 per serve
  • The cheese bites were $2.49 or $1.25 per serve
  • Add 20c for other seasonings.

It was a particularly good example of a Lyonnaise, probably because of the extra bacon fat used. A highly enjoyable meal for $3.26 per serve.

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