Jul 26: The Country Deli; Eloté


Circumstances took us close to The Country Deli so we stopped in for lunch. Foodie Philip had the usual marinated skirt steak with eggs and home fries. Foodie Greg forwent his usual Pastrami on Rye and had the sandwich version of the skirt steak, with sautéed mushrooms, bell pepper and onion.

Today’s lunches averaged $22.34 per serve with tax and tip.


After such a meat heavy lunch, as delicious as it was, we opted for eloté, our second vegetarian meal of the week.

We had eloté at Cafe Habana recently and enjoyed it, but our version is much better because we only grill. There is no pre-boil or steam. Cooking it fully on the grill develops a lot more depth of flavor than the hybrid approach necessary for practical food service. Grilling alone takes too long for a restaurant but is fine at home.

  • The  corn was 87c or 44c per serve
  • The micro greens were $2.99 but we used about 1/10th or 15c per serve
  • Cotija cheese is $3.99 for 8oz and we shared 2oz or 50c per serve.

On a day of great food, this was the best of the day for $1.09 per serve.

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