Sep 18: de Kas; D&A Hummus


Shortly before the trip we ran across an article of “50 Things to Do in Amsterdam” that include de Kas restaurant, which we’d not heard about before. After determining whether the other person sharing our rented accommodation that she didn’t want to join us, we tried to book for dinner.

There were no booking left for dinner in September but we were able to get in for lunch. The restaurant is in the former Municipal Greenhouse, which has been meticulously restored.

The meticulously restored Municipal Greenhouse is the restaurant’s home.

The meal started with two, off menu, Amuse-bouche: little bites to set the tone, and they were wonderful.

The on to the main meal.

Tomato Salad with green gazpacho, burrata and nasturtium.
Kohlrabi with elderflower beurre blanc and herring caviar.

It’s rather exciting to be eating vegetables and herbs grown on the premises (or in a greenhouse nearby).

The meal was excellent. Every bit was full of flavor and well balanced. A great meal for €32.50 (US$38.35) per person.


For a complete change of pace we went to a local (to our rented apartment) “hummus” restaurant recommended by our host. D&A Hummus also did not disappoint.

The three of us shared some hummus (of course), baked eggplant, falafel and Sinija, which is ground lamb and beef on a roasted tomato, sliced eggplant and a crispy pita zaa’ta topped with tahini and pickled onion.

The spread from D&A

A good meal for €59.50 (US$70.21) or $23.40 per person.

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